Month: January 2018

Small Business

Speeding into a new era with a revamped logo

After Rick and Kim Archuletta took over R & R Auto Repair, a 40-year-old fixture in Sacramento, Calif., they grew its business by 30 percent in just a few years. However, they still faced the challenge encountered by many well-established small businesses: how to keep an old-school company relevant in …
Small Business

Think you’re ready to be an entrepreneur?

According to the Kauffman Foundation’s State of Entrepreneurship 2017 report, entrepreneurship is on the rebound across the United States. Job creation is on the rise, and optimism has been growing among small business owners.  But before you decide to quit your day job and start a business, it’s a good …
Small Business

5 signs your logo is hurting your business

logo is the visual representation of your business. It should provide a snapshot of your mission and values, and capture the attention of your customers. But for many small businesses, their logo makes the wrong impression. “Your logo represents who you are: It’s your face,” says Anne Gelbman, founder of …