Author: Lynda Manink

Financial Advice

Webinar in Review: 2018 Investment Update

Late January, investor sentiment shifted from investors worried about missing out on the bull market to concerns that markets were overbought.  Volatility came stampeding back, bond yields continued rising and we even got a peek at some inflation creeping it’s way back into the economy.  This created a flurry of …
Small Business

Subject Lines 101

Studies have shown that 47 percent of people decide whether to open an email based on the subject line alone. Are your subject lines strong enough to stand out? Remove the guesswork with Subject Lines 101, our free white paper that explains how to create compelling subject lines every time. …
Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Friday | February 16, 2018

How will the Humane Society of the United States regain donors’ trust after the resignation of Wayne Pacelle? Their acting CEO offers up some words of wisdom in this week’s Power of Storytelling. Brittany’s Hope is back. This time with a short, sweet email impact report to emulate. This week’s …