Make your mark: Create your own logo in minutes

Take a look at some of your favorite businesses or brands, and you’ll soon realize how effective a memorable logo can be. An eye-catching emblem lets current and prospective customers know that you stand by your product or service, and that you’re ready to serve them in a reliable, reputable manner. An attractive logo gives the perception that you are a business consumers can trust and continue revisiting as a repeat customer.

Why a strong logo matters

The importance of an attention-grabbing logo can’t be overstated. Imagine you’re considering two businesses that offer the same services at similar prices, and both have roughly the same number of positive reviews online. So you visit each business’s website to learn more. One website is almost entirely text, while the other has vibrant images and a standout logo. Which business are you more likely to choose?

For most, the choice would be a no-brainer. A strong logo can be just enough to sway potential customers your direction, ultimately generating sales.

Further, a high-quality logo is a key element to building your brand’s identity, which is an investment in your business’s future. After branding your business with a memorable logo, potential customers in your area will understand what your business offers when they see your branded symbol.

Logos aren’t just for businesses

One-time events or occasions are more powerful when they include a distinct brand. It’s not uncommon to attend a wedding, party, sporting event, fundraiser, corporate event, conference or even a meeting that boasts its own logo. For short-term use, a quality logo imparts sophistication and professionalism — and adds a memorable touch to the proceedings.

Creating a memorable logo for your business can sometimes mean a significant time and capital investment. Luckily, Deluxe’s online Logo Maker allows you to create a stunning logo in mere minutes. This tool is the perfect solution for helping you quickly create imagery for a small project or one-time event. If your business is hosting party or fundraiser, if you’re looking for a symbol for your wedding or family reunion, or if you’re a freelancer in need of business cards for a networking get-together, our Logo Maker can help you succeed in quickly developing a great-looking graphic.


The best part of designing your own logo with Deluxe? It’s free to get started, and the entire process is fast and convenient.

Faster and easier than ever

With thousands of free, industry-specific templates to start with, the Deluxe Logo Maker allows you to customize your desired look until it appears exactly the way you want. Design and redesign as many logos as you want without paying until you’re ready to download.

Just follow these three simple steps:

Enter your industry information and the text you want to use. Choose from hundreds of designs. Customize the layout and colors until it’s perfect.

Save it, download it and proudly display it everywhere your customers can see it. That’s it!

Sure, designing your own logo may sound intimidating, particularly if you have little or no design experience to begin with. Not a problem — if you want to brush up on some logo tips, tricks and best practices, download our free eBook, Guide to Logo Design, for everything you need to know about these crucial brand symbols.

It costs you nothing to try your hand at designing a logo that may end up defining your brand. And if you like what you come up with, the investment it takes to secure your design will be minuscule compared to the profits you’re bound to rake in or the investment you may have made paying a design firm or designers.

What will your logo look like? What will it say? There’s only one way to find out. Start creating today!

Create a custom logo in minutes

Choose your image, font, and colors – it’s free to start designing.

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