Logo’s new look: Design trends for 2018

A firm understanding of current logo design trends — and being able to incorporate a creative spin on them — allows a designer’s logos to feel clean, fresh and relevant. The Deluxe logo design team uses the new year to prepare our color pallets and general vibe for the design styles we will introduce to our clients. This year’s trends lean toward uncluttered designs that do not overpower the limited space they have to attract the eye.

Here are our predictions for the top five logo design trends that will emerge this year.

1. Responsive designs

We exist in an era when mobility is vital. Every day, we all move from our work desktops, to our laptops, to our tablets, to our smartphones. Designers have always needed to create logos that look good on all traditional platforms (such as stationery, promotional items and websites). But with the expanding number of platforms where a logo will be seen, however, it’s crucial to create a logo that capably moves from one platform to the next: smartphones, social media, browser icons and so on. Even if the shape or detail in the logo changes, it should still retain its core components. We refine the design based on how the logo will look on and react to these platforms.

Responsive designs — those that are created to be easily adapted to multiple platforms — are our top trend. Here are examples of logos that change from one platform to the next, but retain their core identity:

2. Iconic fun

Now more than ever, businesses need to stand out. Social media accounts that generate high daily traffic need fresh content to stay relevant and to maintain followers’ attention. Using a logo in a small space not only conveys a good vibe about the brand, but it’s also fun to look at.

Bright colors with cute images attract peoples’ attention. Gone are the days when the business name always dictates the rest of the logo design. For example, a business named Fox Force Inc. does not have to include a fox in the logo. In fact, that can make the brand look unoriginal. Being fun and different makes people take notice.

3. Logos return to hand-written notes

More and more, our clients ask for thank you cards and notes designed and printed with their logo. After a meeting, business owners are returning to traditional handwritten notes to mail to their clients. Receiving a handwritten and signed note via the postal service helps get positive attention. There is something about receiving a small envelope with a handwritten note that brings people back to a simpler time. Even during a busy day full of fast-paced meetings and background noise, opening a thank you note muffles the frenzy just enough to make people smile.

In 2018, consider taking the time to write a note — proudly displaying your logo, business card or brand-specific typeface — and bring a touch of class to your business.

4. Unique layouts

Design in 2018 is all about standing out, as I’ve mentioned. Symmetry on the design canvas has always been a standard in the trade, but companies have started to experiment with this concept. Designers are starting to create asymmetric designs that use neutral space in a creative way.

Because symmetry has been so standard in design, it’s become generic to the eye. Asymmetric designs do a great job of capturing attention because they’re so different from what we usually see.

5. Impact colors

Changing up colors can have a huge impact on customers. What used to be seen as an avant-garde craft is now most definitely in the mainstream, as Nutella has shown. Many brands are keeping their logo and using unusual colors, creative animations or imaginative designs to make their brand stand out. This design trend is great for social media posts and to change the look and feel of a brand, without altering the actual logo.

Final thoughts

In your own logo and other graphic design pursuits, it is not necessary to incorporate all of the elements mentioned above. Start with the basics by implementing authentic visuals first. From there you can begin to experiment with shapes, font combinations and unexpected elements. What’s important is to make your designs stand out!

There’s no single solution to graphic design, so the best way to achieve a design that works for your business is by testing different approaches, and by using a variety of different design elements and trends together. Be different in your designs, while still keeping design fundamentals in mind. When it’s right for you and your business, you’ll know it.

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