What’s In My Mailbox | Mapping your donor’s journey: ECF shows you how to start

You may have heard it directly from a donor: “Don’t waste my money on a paper thank you letter!”

Perhaps your nonprofit is an environmental organization and you know that your donors are concerned about waste and energy use. Is direct mail right for your mission — and for your donors?

Your donor preferences are, of course, of primary importance. But thinking through your donor journey is also critical. As Lisa Sargent so eloquently notes, “If I haven’t seen your glorious, warm newsletter, for example, and you let me opt out at week 6, how will I ever know if I want it?”

Just because donors say they want one thing, or even that we expect them to want one thing, doesn’t mean they won’t respond to what falls outside of our expectations. When it comes to considering the donor’s journey, you’ve got to plan a beginning.

This Welcome Kit from the Environmental Defense Council is a solid case in point. What a great way to start the donor journey off on the right foot! It includes a letter, a new donor survey, EDF’s latest newsletter, and a reply envelope. The letter is signed by EDC’s Director of Membership that welcomes the donor into the fold and explains what’s in the mailing and, basically, why each component should matter to them. The survey is short and sweet at five questions long. The newsletter speakings to ongoing conflict now and explains their place (and their donors’ place) in rectifying it. The reply envelope wraps up a compelling, composed package. Check it out.

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