Market Pull Backs: Painful in the Short Term, Normal in the Long Run

As I’m sure you’ve noticed as of late, global markets have not been very cooperative with investors. It almost seems like a broken record from past market declines when you turn on the television or read the paper and the majority of headlines you see and hear about are market driven – many with a “doom and gloom” sentiment. While market declines are rarely a fun thing to experience, they are normal, virtually unavoidable and come with the territory if you want to be invested long-term with the goal of growing your portfolio. To be honest, I think we’d be more nervous if they didn’t occur! Pullbacks like we’re experiencing right now tend to bring things back to reality a bit and keep markets in check. Although some pain can be felt short-term, typically investors are rewarded for going through such rollercoasters when things eventually improve. 

Check out the graph below provided by JP Morgan which tells an intriguing and comforting story over the last three and a half decades. Since 1980, every single year experienced a market pull back at some point which averaged -14.2%. However, over the course of those 35 years, 27 of them ended the year in positive territory! I really think this helps to put things in perspective when the markets get rocky, like we’re currently experiencing.    

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