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We’re excited to announce that Landing Pages are now available to all users of Deluxe Email Marketing. Landing Pages are a quick, easy and effective complement to your email campaigns. They work in tandem with your email messages to generate interest, capture leads and increase sales. What are Landing Pages and how can you put them to work for you?

What are Landing Pages?

Landing Pages are an efficient way to create customizable, single-purpose webpages that your readers land on after clicking a link or call to action button from your website, a search engine or one of your email messages. They’re a great way to offer more details on a promotion or event, to provide additional product information to readers contemplating a purchase, or to capture visitors’ contact information.  

Say you’re promoting a new product and offering a limited-time discount. You can create a Landing Page in Deluxe Email Marketing with the same easy-to-use editor you use to craft email messages. Build this Landing Page to showcase the new product, its benefits to customers and the special promotional price. Then send an email to your readers (or a targeted segment of them) informing them of the new item. Don’t forget to link to the Landing Page from your website, too. Use action-oriented links and calls to action (CTAs) — “Learn more,” “Buy now,” etc. — to lead readers to the Landing Page. 

Landing Pages are a powerful tool for engaging with website visitors, re-engaging your email readers, reinforcing your company’s message and inspiring customers to take action on your products or services. 

Why use Landing Pages? Build your subscriber list. Use Landing Pages to make it easy for visitors to submit their email addresses, along with any other contact information you want to collect. Generate sales. Set up Autoresponders or Automated Email Series to automatically begin nurturing the leads who sign up via a Landing Page. Save time. Create Landing Pages with the same creator you’re already familiar with, as quickly and easily as you build emails. Just add the content blocks you want, and customize them as needed.  Grow your customer database. Use customizable web forms on Landing Pages to request customers’ names, birthdays, interests and so on — then use that data to better segment your email lists and target customers with information most relevant to them. Drive specific customer actions. Whether you want customers to sign up for a newsletter, download an e-book or white paper, RSVP to an event, print a coupon or find out more about a new product, Landing Pages can be customized for any purpose. Increase credibility. Create multiple Landing Pages to highlight customer testimonials, offer resources, answer questions and so on — content that builds customers’ trust in your business.  How Landing Pages work

Landing Pages are easy to create and offer several features:

The user-friendly editor you’re already familiar with from creating emails. Free templates to get you started. Leave them as is, customize them with the editor or start a Landing Page from scratch. Content blocks that can be added with just one click, then fully customized. Flexible interface that makes it simple to reorder, copy or adjust your content blocks — no design experience needed. Free images from our image library. Or upload your own images. Web forms that prompt submissions of email addresses, names, company names, addresses, birthdates, phone numbers, etc. Automatically add data from these web forms to specific contact lists, then launch Automated Email Series to nurture these leads.  Easy customization. Choose fonts, colors, and backgrounds to match your brand’s style. Here’s how to set up Landing Pages:

Once you’ve signed in to your Deluxe Email Marketing account, access Landing Pages from the Contacts page. 

Choose a Landing Page template, or start a Landing Page from scratch.

Use the Landing Page creator to customize your Landing Page, including its layout, colors and styles, just like you build and edit emails.

Create a name for your Landing Page and change the URL if desired. You can also enter SEO (search engine optimization) details like page title, page description and keywords to make your Landing Page easier for search engines to find. 

If you have a custom domain for your business website, you can set the URL of your Landing Page to be an extension of that domain. 

Once your Landing Pages are published, easily manage them from the Landing Pages section of the Contacts page.

Landing Pages are a simple way to keep your audience engaged. Start creating and publishing your Landing Pages today.

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