Speeding into a new era with a revamped logo

After Rick and Kim Archuletta took over R & R Auto Repair, a 40-year-old fixture in Sacramento, Calif., they grew its business by 30 percent in just a few years. However, they still faced the challenge encountered by many well-established small businesses: how to keep an old-school company relevant in the 21st century.

Word-of-mouth was bringing in new customers, but the Archulettas knew that to thrive, R & R needed to cultivate a younger client base. That meant setting up an online presence on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other digital outlets.

“We needed a marketing facelift,” says Kim Archuletta. R & R’s marketing facelift would start where most marketing revamps do – with a new logo design.

R & R Auto's old logo

R & R Auto’s old logo

The Archulettas listed three must-haves for their new logo:

It needed to appeal to a younger audience. The Archulettas needed something modern that would be displayed prominently on R & R Auto Repair’s website and social media pages. It needed to still be recognizable to long-time customers. Rick and Kim were concerned a new logo that was too different from their existing logo would leave existing customers with the false impression that an entirely new business had taken over its location. It needed to stand out from competitors. “Even though the old design was outdated, it stood out when you drove down the street. We didn’t want to lose that,” says Kim.

To help update their brand, the Archulettas enlisted Deluxe’s Logo Design team. To see how Deluxe transformed this venerable brand into a modern business built for the fast lane, read the case study.

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